Professor Dr. Alexander BRENNING 

Head of Chair, Institut für Geographie
Löbdergraben 32
07743 Jena

Title of Presentation: Geomorphometric applications in Geomorphology



As a quantitative geographer and GIScientist, his research focuses on spatial statistical and computational tools and their application in a variety of contexts, in particular mountain geomorphology and environmental remote sensing. The spatial approach to the assessment of classification and regression methods has been instrumental in a variety of applications and international collaborations mainly related to landslide susceptibility, mountain permafrost distribution and remotely-sensed land cover classification. His mountain permafrost research also involves field studies on the dynamics of rock glaciers in the dry Andes. Driven by his spatial modeling research, he has published free software extensions for the statistical software R that integrate R with GIS software and implement spatial accuracy assessment and variable importance techniques.
His research contributes to the critical problem of developing reliable empirical models of environmental variables as a basis for decision-making in spatial planning and land management. The assessment of model uncertainties is of particular importance and needs to account for the spatial nature of spatial analysis problems. Accessible, open-source implementations of statistical and computational methods are furthermore a prerequisite for the widespread adoption of innovative spatial analysis techniques in different application domains.